Top Long Hairstyles For 2021

Pineapple ponytail

Sweep your curls up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, use a teasing comb to add volume and thickness to the lengths of your pony.

Loose braided crown

After tonging the lengths of your hair, take a 2-inch wide section from the front (just behind your fringe), divide it in half and braid along either side of your head. Loosen the plaits and then secure with a pin at the back of your head.

Boxer Braids

Give boxer braids a softer vibe by teasing the plaits.

ide-swept waves

Use a tail comb to part you hair over to one side. Then, use a large barrel curling wand. to give a wave to lengths of your hair. Sweep your hair round to the side opposite your parting, then mist with a hairspray.

Triple knot ponytail

Why wear one ponytail when you can wear three? This knotted style is the best way to upgrade a basic hair 'do.

Half-up fishtail braid

This twisted fishtail had bridesmaid hair written all over it. don't worry about being too precise as the style looks better when it's a little loose and messy.

Braided ballerina knot

An upside-down french braid twisted into a topknot? You may need a friend to help pull this one off, but the cool 'do is worth the extra effort.

Half-up waves

Why not try twisting your wavy locks into a half up 'do. Secure with a couple of kirby grips and you're good to go.

Boho braid

Ah, Blake Lively has given us SO many hair goals, and this side-swept braid is no exception. Pulled loose for a relaxed, boho, vibe, we're trying this tomorrow morning.

Polished dutch plait

Don't know your French from your Dutch plaits? It's actually pretty easy to remember, French plaits sit under the hair, whilst Dutch braids lie on top of the hair (like this one

Fishtail hairline plait

Why not add a braid along your hairline to amp up your everyday down 'do.

70s sweeping fringe

A choppy fringe is the perfect way to frame your face, this centre-parted style is super flattering for heart-shaped faces.

French plaited updo

A plaited updo will always look pretty, this style is perfect for the days when you want to keep your long locks looking neat and tidy all day long.

Undone low pony

A low pony is great when you want to look polished (without being too try hard). Add a little height to the style by backcombing the crown to give extra volume.

The 'hun'

The half up bun (aka, the hun), is perfect when you want to get the majority of your hair off your shoulders, but still want a little length to the style.

Long hairstyles: Mermaid waves

Channel your inner mermaid with these ribbon waves ?

Twisted ponytail

This twisted ponytail is guaranteed to give everyone hair envy. Remember to add a few loose waves to the rest of your hair

Unicorn braid

Channel your inner unicorn and add a voluminous french braid along the top of your head to create a faux-mohawk.

Box braids

Take your hair inspo from queen of cool, Solange, and try some hella pretty box braids.

Waterfall braid

Upgrade your wavy locks with a dreamy waterfall braid.


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