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Meet Whitney Wilson (CEO)

“Helping women become the best version of themselves is my vision”

In 2017 Whitney Wilson created Ayva Natural because she was tired of taking the typical hair, skin and nail products at her local grocery store and decided she was going to create something that worked. She came up with the Hair Growth Formula to combat thin, damaged and breaking hair.

Our Story

Whitney was beginning to notice her hair was beginning to change as she aged. She decided to buy a bottle of hair, skin and nail product at a local store to try and bring back the hair she once had before having her children. After a year of using the product she had noticed no changes. So she decided she would do her own research and come up with her own product and started Ayva Natural Products.

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Our mission

The Ayva Natural line was started to help women all across the world achieve the goal of having long, beautiful and healthy hair. We have devoted years of research to bring you our hair growth formula and Argan oil serum. Our products are designed to help you grow healthier hair within weeks and improve the strength, shine, volume, and healing process of damaged hair. Thank you for being part of our journey to bringing healthier longer hair to all women.

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All Hair Types

For all hair types (Dry, Frizzy, thin, Damaged) can experience great results from Ayva Natural Products

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All Natural

Vegetarian, all-natural , drug-free, sugar-free, cruelty-free and made in the United States

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All Word Results

Designed to combat all common causes of hair loss including blocking the DHT Hormone

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